Eucharistic Ministers

Eucharist is at the center of the spiritual life of Catholics. We believe that, more than just simply an act of remembrance, in taking in the consecrated bread and the wine, we take in the very essence of Jesus himself. Catholics call this “the real presence of Jesus in the Eucharist.”

We also, believe that we ourselves are called to be Eucharist – the real presence of Jesus – to the world. Our weekly participation in Mass is a big part of what gives us the strength to live out that call.

Eucharistic Ministers primarily serve at the weekend Masses but their role includes taking Communion to the sick and shut-ins, including nursing home residents. Eucharistic ministers are Confirmed or currently enrolled in the Confirmation preparation, have a love of the Eucharist and a desire to share Christ’s presence with everyone. Training is provided by the Diocese and annual days of renewal are provided to support spiritual growth.

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