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Exists to create an awareness of the need for vocations to the priesthood and religious life. An effort is made to encourage those who are considering a religious vocation and to educate young people as to the possibilities that exist within this calling. Members actively support men and women who are currently committed to religious life. Men and women over 16 years are welcome at the bi-monthly meetings.

Contact the parish office at the number below for more information.

A History of St Catherine’s Parish Vocation Committee

“The Past—Is Prologue”
(From Shakespeare’s The Tempest, meaning “What’s already happened sets the scene for important things to come.)

1. Diocese and Priesthood Vocations
During Bishop Sullivan’s tenure, he felt the decrease in priestly vocations was a serious challenge. St. John’s, the high school seminary in south KC was in danger of closing. The Diocese had 6-8 seminarians in college training or above. The Bishop was convinced that training of lay leaders who could perform parish and diocesan functions was an important solution. He worked very diligently and when the high school seminary closed in 1983 it became the “Institute for Pastoral Life”; a training center for lay leaders. Adults from several other dioceses came to this center until its closing in 1992. In September 1993, Bishop Boland became our Bishop.

2. St. Catherine Parish and School
Prior to 1980, the Parish and grade school had been robust and active. Sports Programs were many. Masses well attended; Holy Name and Altar Society were functional. Church devotions-Lent, Advent, Stations, Adoration, etc were on-going. But socio-economic changes were now felt. In 1980, the school was renamed, Our Lady of Peace (OLOP) and four parishes were sending their students to OLOP. A new Church movement was occurring in the Country with the formation of Parish Ministry Councils (PMC). Various Dioceses were providing materials/training of PMC and parish sub-committees.
In 1988, the new pastor assigned to St Catherine formed a Parish Ministry Council (PMC). He selected men and women  with business, educational, etc backgrounds to devise functional statements about the PMC’s role. There was always the concern a PMC could “take over” some  of the basic authority, roles and functions of the Pastor. The parish would nominate  parishioners to serve on the “first” PMC and people were selected for 3, 2 and 1 year  terms of service In the early 1990’s the Kansas City, Mo Serra Club, along with Serra Clubs in the  USA, because of their concern for Vocations, became active in promotion of Parish Vocation Committees (PVC)

3.  St. Catherine PVC- A chronology of Programs & Events
1995  –Tom Walsh and Bill Markey who were active in the Catholic Scouts become part time members of the PVC but little information is available on specific activities or other PVC members at the time.

1996 The KC.Mo Serra Club offers training &development program for PVC’s in Diocese

1997 PVC reformed & plans initiated. Plaque showing priests serving parish put in vestibule of Church and periodically updated

1998 PVC promotes Serra Club 31 program in parish where parishioners select 1 date (16) month for 6 months to pray for Vocations. Large monthly calendar placed in Vestibule to remind parishioners of commitment. Also periodic bulletin reminders

1999 Plan with OLOP Principal/faculty – unique program & student participation in January National Vocation Week. Begin 4 parish PVC project with OLOP 5-6-7 grades to stimulate interest in Vocations, academic improvement and June attendance at girl and boy leadership camps. Four parishes (St Catherine, Matthew, Sabina and Coronation provide camp registration funds for Essay winners one girl – one boy from grades 5, 6, and 7. School faculty select winners.

2000 May 21 Bishop concelebrated mass for parish 75 Anniversary. Former BVM nuns & former priests ( who served the parish) invited to return for parish celebration. Approximately 11 nuns, 9 priests, 2 Deacons attended a covered dish event. At Mass a black cassock was placed over a chair near the altar to represent the former priests who had died. Two vocation Crucifix obtained to encourage families to pray for Vocations

2002  PVC select Priesthood Sundays as annual objective & partnership with OLOP. Also Pastor approves PVC to annually sponsor Adoration at Saturdays in Advent and Lent

2004 St. Catherine feast day with OLOP students, 5th,6, 7, sending special cards to priest, nuns and deacons who served OLOP/parish.

2005 Diocese promoting one hour Holy Hour in every parish each month. PVC to & OLOP students selected the 16th day of each month for morning Holy 2008 Hour. Deacon Markey used a Holy Hour frame work. Classes of 5th grade  and above alternated each month

2005 Parish 24 hour Adoration in chapel began Friday noon and ended with Benediction at noon on Saturday. Much prior PVC planning & communication assured each ½ hour period was covered. Program not repeated.

2006-2010 Annual picture of Bishop Finn and Seminarians framed by local artist and displayed in church and Chapel

2007 On April 13, PVC & OLOP informs parish with banner/comments after each Mass of World Day of Prayer for Vocations. On Priesthood Sunday, Oct 28, at 11 AM Mass, 7 priests concelebrate the Mass followed by Parish pot lunch

2008 PVC informs parish with banner and comments after each Mass on World Day of Prayer for Vocations (April 13)

2009 May 25- PVC supports two Dioceses sponsorship of Global Rosary. PVC hires bus for 45 parishioners to attend. PVC attend Priest Ordination at Cathedral on May 31

2010 OLOP closes in May. October PVC and K of C O’Hara Council jointly sponsor Right to Life Program about Jan March for Life in D.C. with January March for Life in D.C. with 300,000 participating. Showed DVD movie “Thine Eyes”. Later PVC promotes parish to contact 28 Seminarians with picture board. In December sponsors & monitors monthly dinners with new Pastor in parish homes ( like Dinner for 8)

2011 PVC Mission Statement changed to include family/married life.
2011 October ends monthly Parish dinner with the Pastor

2012 March 27—K of C O’Hara Council inviting 4 parishes for education and information program on Pornography Pandemic.



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