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For 67 years, from 1942 to 2009, Saint Catherine’s School (which later became Our Lady of Peace school*) educated our children, preparing them to live lives of faith.

* The name change occurred when the school was consolidate with these parishes: St. Catherine of Siena, Coronation of Our Lady in Grandview and St. Matthew the Apostle Parish and St. Sabina Parish in Belton joined in this consolidation effort.

Catholic Key article about school closing.

School Memories – a collection of memories compiled after the school closing in 2009


Thank you to Maureen Jungden for sorting through the archives and to Kim Johnson for scanning the following.

The Early Years

The first faculty teachers at St. Catherine’s School were the nuns shown here wearing their habits.
Old picture of a large group of the St. Catherine’s students.

Document: The class of 1955 graduates from St. Catherine’s School.

Picture of the St. Catherine’s softball team.

Document: A page from an early newsletter featuring an all school photo, First Communion picture, graduation picture, a picture of the old school bus and a picture of the students in the school cafeteria celebrating the new hot lunch program.

Document: A page from the Silver Jubilee magazine. Shows the dedication of Catholic education with construction of the “new” school.


The middle years

Fundraising has always been an important part of support for the school. The Carnival/Bazaar was one of the ways to help bring extra financial support into the school.
Sister Delores Marie was the principal at St. Catherine’s for many years and could be found participating in allsorts of activities. She is seen here batting at a softball game on the back athletic field.
A class picture of the seventh grade in 1974.

Document: A sample of the Green and Gold newspaper article written by students of the school

Document: Articles from the neighborhood newspaper the “Grandview Tribune” announcing the Principal’s Honor Roll and the St. Catherine’s Volleyball team winning the City Parochial Volleyball tournament.

Document: A collage of newspaper articles celebrating the Boy Scout receiving their religious medal, honor roll, and some Catholic Schools Week activities.

Recent Years


Our Lady of Peace Student Council representatives for each of the grades.
As the winner of an auction item “Principal for the Day”, pictured are Barb McCormick, principal of Our Lady of Peace School with Lisa Lamble, winner of the honor of being principal for the day.

Document: A page from the yearbook celebrating our 67th year.

Picture of pins made to celebrate St. Catherine’s/Our Lady of Peace School’s 65th year.

Document: A collage of pictures depicting 67 years of Catholic education in the last yearbook of 2009.

Document: The last all school picture before Our Lady of Peace closed in 2009.

Document: The yearbook from 2008 was dedicated to Fr. John Coleman who passed away that year. Fr. Coleman was an important member of the school and was seen most days having lunch with the students.


If you have photos and other historical documents, use the Contact Us page to contact Bob Sandford.


6 thoughts on “Our Lady of Peace School”

  1. Roberta Patrin Allan

    I graduated from St. Catherine’s in 1961. I will always remember Sister Mary St. Amelia. I feel so blessed by my Catholic education. I was a student at St. Catherine’s in the fifth grade when our home was destroyed by the 1957 Ruskin Heights tornado. I will always remember the kindness of the sisters when we returned to school after our home was rebuilt.

  2. Loyola Rosalie Trujillo

    I always wondeted anout Sister Mary Theodotus. She was tough but fair and someone I remember with fondness. May God nlesd these wonderful, incredible, self sacrificing, loving, stern, good, good, good women of God. They made me the person I am today at age 66. I cannot begin to repay them (many deceased by now). I can never forget how they changed my life with their genuine charity.

  3. Graduated from St. Catherine’s in 1972 and have wanted to contact two of my teachers in particular, Mr. Zurlo and Sr. Elizabeth, as I would love to thank them both. Would love to hear from anyone who might know how I could connect with either of them. Thanks.

  4. Sean J Hamilton

    My brother and I both attended OLOP. I graduated in 1984, my brother Bryant in 1985. We both went on to O’Hara. I still drive by OLOP when I’m in KC. Very fond memories!!!!!

    Sean J Hamilton

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