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SPRED is SPecial REligious Development

SPRED is a network of services designed to assist persons with developmental disabilities and or learning problems to become integrated into parish assemblies of worship through the process of education in faith.  Spred services are provided through the leadership of the Special Religious Development Agency of the Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

Each center has a core team and helper catechists/sponsors.  The core team is made up of a chairperson, a leader, and an activity catechist.  There is a helper/sponsor for each person with disabilities in the center.

SPRED at St. Catherine’s

Our parish operates one of four SPRED centers in our Diocese. This program provides a structured learning environment for developmentally disabled persons ages 21 or older. In addition, other opportunities for the developmentally disabled to experience meaningful participation as members of our faith community, such as, special liturgies and social events are provided. Catechists aged 21 or older are needed for sessions that operate for 24 weeks each year. Training is held each August, but don’t delay in making an inquiry and finding out more about this important ministry.

More information

For more information call John Ewigman using the parish office number below.

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