SPRED Groups

What does a SPRED group look like?

There are usually 8 volunteer catechists in a SPRED group. One person is the link with the parish; one is the leader catechist and one is the activity catechist. The others are known as helper catechists and work on a one-to-one relationship with a developmentally disabled person. This group of adults welcomes 6 developmentally disabled people. Developmentally disabled people are grouped according to chronological age:

  • 6-10 is the children’s group
  • 11-16 is the teenagers group
  • 17-21 is the group for young adults
  • 22+ is the adult group

Most of the groups in the Kansas City-St. Joseph Diocese, including the group at St. Catherine of Siena, are of the 22+ adult group, although we are open to beginning any of the other age groups as the need and help come about.

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